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OTECH Mastermind

Building a startup is challenging and being a founder can be a lonely experience. OTECH is creating small mastermind groups to help founders connect to others with similar experiences, challenges, and trajectories in their businesses. 

Why Join A Mastermind?


By surrounding yourself with folks that can provide you with informed advice, qualified referrals, and critical constructive feedback on your failures in a safe space - you are just setting yourself up with both the resources and guidance you need to focus on growing your business.


As so many solo-founders know, keeping yourself accountable with no outside forces can be really challenging. Our Masterminds are designed in a way to help each member of the Mastermind hold each other accountable to their goals, actions and dreams.


The loneliness of being a founder and constant weight of having to make all the decisions can be a drain on your mental health. Surrounding yourself with people who are or who have been in similar situations as you are going through and can help you stay focused goes a long way to improving your mindset and keeping you focused on building your startup.

Should you be in a mastermind?

Are your sales plateauing and you can't seem to break through?

Do you struggle with hiring and outsourcing reponsibilities?

Does critical  feedback from your customers sting like a personal attack?

Group Therapy

Do you find yourself feeling isolated working on your startup?

Do you find yourself adding tasks to your to-do list faster than you complete them?

Do you find yourself spinning unsure of what you should be focused on?

OTECH is putting together its first mastermind focusing on startup founders. The group will meet weekly with the aim of leveraging each others talents, knowledge, experiences, connections and resources to help each other grow and build better businesses.

This is not a networking group and no one in the group will be a customer nor will they have the ability to bring you customers. That is not what a mastermind is for. 

A mastermind is about helping each individual do the best they can in whatever areas they collectively choose to focus on. OTECH's masterminds will be focused on improving business and financial related aspects but they don't have to be limited to that.

As this is our first Mastermind, it will be done by invite or through application only. We are looking for very specific people and spots are limited. 

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